BMW i8 Roadster

BMW 3D-prints bike chassis and iBMW roadster part

Figure 1. S1000RR sports bike chassis & swingarm (source:visordown) At its digital day in Mallorca, BMW boasted its S1000RR sports bike chassis made out of 3D printing (aka additive manufacturing). It was...

Ferrari 488 Pista exhaust manifold

Recently Ferrari unveiled its 488 Pista at Geneva motor show (2018) in Switzerland as the best performing and most powerful V8 Ferrari model in its history. Ferrari press release in February boasts...

Additive manufacturing process steps

How does Additive Manufacturing work? Additive manufacturing (AM), sometimes referred to as rapid prototyping or 3D printing are technologies that use successive layers of material to create 3D objects directly from a...
DMLS parts surface finish

DMLS Parts Review

After getting an introduction to Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS) parts from Protolabs few months ago, I had the opportunity to use their DMLS 3D printing service recently on couple of aluminium alloy...
Pros and Cons of Sand casting

Pros & Cons of Sand Casting

Sand casting is the most widely used metal casting process accounting for a major percentage of total cast in weight. To be able to understand any manufacturing process, first careful consideration must be given not only for its advantages but importantly for its potential limitations and process difficulties.

Engineering Product Design

Engineering product design combines creativeness, technical design skills, engineering science and analysis to create products to satisfy functional requirement of an end user. The nature of product design and development within engineering...

DMLS/3D printed parts

Recently I had an opportunity to review some 3D printed parts made by Protolabs and I was pleasantly surprised by their quality and complexity. Parts shown in fig.1 were manufactured using an Additive...