About us

Engineering Product Design (EPD) is a Product design & development knowledge base that aims to help product designers and engineers learn product design, improve their design and identify potential manufacturers worldwide.

With over 20 years of product design experience, EPD is confident that it can help to identify most product design issues and provide a holistic approach to your ideas. Our key areas of service include

  • Product design and Development articles – Knowledgebase
  • Product development consultancy

Knowledgebase Articles

Through our knowledge base, we aim to share the experience gained over the years by developing products and processes for various diverse industry clientele. The knowledge base articles are written through extensive research to give the reader an in-depth understanding of the subject. The contents of this site are our own opinions, and the knowledge we share comes from experience and extensive research. Please get in touch with us via my contact page if you find any incorrect information regarding any knowledge base articles.

Product development consultancy

We can help take your idea from concept to production, helping you in industrial design, concept modelling, prototyping, engineering design, detailing, manufacturing and production. We have extensive experience in product design evaluation to identify future manufacturing issues by carrying out a DfMA analysis.