• Difference between Sand casting, Die casting and Investment casting
    Sand casting, Die casting, and Investment casting are widely used casting processes worldwide to make metal parts for the consumer, automobile, medical and aerospace industries.
  • Types of Sensors in Smartwatches, Fitness trackers and Bands
    Wearable technology refers to a group of devices—e.g., smartwatches and fitness bands —that you can wear throughout the day.
  • How to choose a 3D printing company?
    Consider printing technology, material options, quality, lead times, cost, and technical support when choosing a 3D printing company.
  • Concurrent and Sequential engineering
    Concurrent and sequential engineering are the two main product design workflow approaches companies to use to interact with functional teams to share information during the eight stages of new product development.
  • Thermal camera teardown – product design evaluation
    We tore down a thermal camera to understand the different mechanical design elements, electronics interface and the manufacturing processes of parts
  • Hybrid Manufacturing
    Hybrid Manufacturing is a process in which additive manufacturing and conventional subtractive manufacturing technologies are combined and used together within a single setup to create a part
  • New Product Development challenges
    5 key non-technical new product development challenges are trade-offs, global competition, tight schedule, economic factors & dynamic environment
  • Rapid prototyping process selection
    5 key factors that should be considered when selecting a rapid prototyping process for NPD are Purpose, Quality, Quantity, Complexity & Cost
  • An introduction to MEMS
    Microelectromechanical system (MEMS) are microscopic sensors, actuators and transducers with moving mechanical parts at the microscopic scale
  • Sand casting design considerations
    Sand casting is the most versatile among the manufacturing methods that enable to manufacture of very detailed and complex parts from an unlimited number of metals and their alloys.
  • Dot forming additive manufacturing technology
    Employing DED method, Mitsubishi Electric corporation claims that they have developed a new method to produce high precision parts at high speeds. 
  • BMW 3D-prints bike chassis and iBMW roadster part
    At its digital day in Mallorca, BMW boasted its S1000RR sports bike chassis made out of 3D printing (aka additive manufacturing). It was showcased just days after BMW announced plans to invest more than €10 million in a new additive manufacturing campus in Germany to develop their expertise in 3D printing. Although the bike was … Read more
  • Ferrari 488 Pista exhaust manifold
    Recently Ferrari unveiled its 488 Pista at Geneva motor show (2018) in Switzerland as the best performing and most powerful V8 Ferrari model in its history
  • Engineering Product Design
    Engineering product design combines creativeness, technical design skills, engineering science and analysis to create products