Concurrent vs Sequential engineering

Concurrent and Sequential Engineering Concurrent and sequential engineering are two main product design workflow approaches companies follow on interaction between functional teams to share information during the 8 stages of new product...
Thermal camera teardown

Thermal camera teardown – product design evaluation

In our first product teardown and product design evaluation, we take apart a handheld thermal camera manufactured by SEEK thermal. It is a low to mid-range camera targeted towards general consumers,...

7 types of Additive manufacturing

In simple layman’s language additive manufacturing or commonly known as 3D printing is a manufacturing process in which a variety of chosen material to meet specific needs is laid down layer...
Hybrid Manufacturing

Hybrid Manufacturing

Hybrid Manufacturing is a process in which additive manufacturing and conventional subtractive manufacturing technologies are combined and used together within a single setup to create a part
product development challenges

New Product Development challenges

There is more than one reason why companies should create new products. Developing quality new engineering products consistently and having a stronghold in your niche market is one of the most...

Selecting a Rapid Prototyping Process

The success or failure of a prototype depends on your selection of rapid prototyping processes for the new product development. There are various ways in which engineering product design prototypes can...
MEMS microphone chip

An introduction to MEMS

What is MEMS ? MEMS stands for microelectromechanical system. It is also known by other affiliated names such as microsystems technology (MST) or micromachines. MEMS is an umbrella term for a wide...

Sand casting design considerations

Sand casting is the most versatile among the manufacturing methods that enables to manufacture very detailed and complex parts from unlimited number of metals and their alloys. A casting design would be useless...
Direct energy deposition dot forming

Dot forming additive manufacturing technology

Employing Direct Energy Deposition (DED) method, Mitsubishi Electric corporation claims that they have developed a new method to produce high precision parts at high speeds.  This unique dot forming technology combines...

3D printing and Investment casting

Picture credit - google images When combined with each other, 3D printing, a latest manufacturing technique and investment casting, an oldest metal forming technique, can cut down development time and tooling cost...