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Sensors and Actuators

Electronics in Product Design

What are Haptic feedback and Actuators?

Haptics in product design refers to how information can be communicated through the sense of touch using science and technology.
What is Internet of Things
Electronics in Product Design

Guide to Internet of Things (IoT)

Internet of Things (IoT) refers to physical "Things" that gathers data and transfers them to cloud via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or cellular networks
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Manufacturing Processes

Understanding Pros and Cons of Fibre and CO2 Laser Cutters

Explore the advantages and drawbacks of fibre and CO2 laser cutters. Choose the laser cutting system that best fits your production needs.
Additive Manufacturing Technologies

Engineering Product Design

Engineering product design combines creativeness, technical design skills, engineering science and analysis to create products

Manufacturing processes

Compression Moulding
Compression moulding is a manufacturing process which uses heat and pressure to mould plastic resins and thermosets into a desired shape
Laser cutting machine
Advanced Machining Processes
Advanced machining processes are cutting-edge techniques used to shape, cut, or remove material from a workpiece
Metal Forming
During metal forming, the metal is plastically deformed by a force that exceeds the material yield strength where strain hardening occurs
Mechanical Power Transmission

Mechanical power transmission is the transfer of energy from where it’s generated to a place where it is used to perform work using simple machines, linkages and mechanical power transmission elements.

Most common injection moulding plastics
One of the most important aspects of any product design involving plastic parts is to select a suitable injection moulding material
Shaft Splines & Serrations
Shaft splines & serrations are used to transmit rotational torque on the same axis and connect mechanical elements such as gears and pulleys.
Aluminium Alloy for CNC machining

CNC machining of Aluminium alloy offers a range of advantages due to the material’s specific properties.

Guide to Batteries in Product Design
Primary and secondary batteries are electrochemical cells that convert stored chemical energy to electrical energy
Injection moulding surface finish design guide – DfM
Injection moulding surface finish as per SPI and VDI classification systems – Gloss, semi-gloss, matte and textured surface finish

Tools & Techniques

Product Design Process

Concurrent Engineering (CE)

In Concurrent engineering product design methodology, different departments simultaneously work on different stages of engineering product development.

Engineering Design Analysis

O-ring compression force
The force necessary to compress an O-ring to maintain an acceptable sealing line of contact is referred to as the O-ring compression force
Introduction to Topology Optimization
Topology optimization is a process that optimizes material layout within a given ...