Manufacturing Processes

Manufacturing processes are the methods and techniques used to transform raw materials into finished products as per customer requirement.

Investment Casting

In investment casting, a wax pattern is coated with a refractory material to make a mould, which is then melted away before pouring molten metal into the cavity to solidify.

Urethane casting

Urethane casting makes high-quality plastic and rubber prototype components using two-component polyurethane resins and silicone moulds.

Centrifugal casting

Centrifugal casting uses inertial forces induced by rotation to distribute molten metal into mould cavities to cast cylindrical

Die casting

In Die casting, molten metal is forced into the mould cavity called “die” at pressure, where it solidifies into a metal cast.


Thermoforming is where a plastic/glass sheet is heated and formed to a specific shape in a mould, and trimmed to create a usable product