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Machine Elements

Machine elements refer to the individual parts or components that make up a machine or mechanical system.

These elements include gears, bearings, springs, fasteners, shafts, bearings, and other components that are used to transmit and control mechanical power and motion. The design, selection, and proper use of these elements are critical to the efficiency, reliability, and safety of a machine.

O-ring compression force

The force necessary to compress an O-ring to maintain an acceptable sealing line of contact is referred to as the O-ring compression force

Mechanical Springs

Mechanical springs such as compression, extension and torsional springs are elastic devices that store mechanical potential energy

Self-tapping screws for plastics

Self-tapping screws for plastic form or tap its threads when screwed into plastic and are installed into pre-drilled or moulded pilot holes

Retainer Rings

Retaining rings act as a shoulder to stop the sub-component or assemblies coming off the shaft or a housing bore