Mechanical Transmission

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Keys and Keyways

What are Keys & keyways? A key and the keyways make up a Keyed joint to secure the hub and...
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Mechanical Power Transmission

What is Mechanical power transmission? Mechanical power transmission is the transfer of energy from where it’s generated to a place...
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Keys & keyways specification

Dimensions and tolerances of metric keyways for parallel keys Keys and keyways secure the hub and shaft to prevent relative...
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Shaft Splines & Serrations

What are splines and serrations? shaft splines and serrations are ridges, or teeth type keys that are an integral part...
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Shaft stress concentration factor

What is Stress concentration? Mechanical elements such as shafts, gears, support brackets threaded fasteners etc often have 3D features that...
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Shaft Design & Strength

What are mechanical shafts? A mechanical shaft is a rotating member usually of circular cross-section either solid or hollow, which...
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Pillow block bearing

Pillow block bearing units are usually a housed bearing with a machined mounting surface and used in mechanical power transmission...
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