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What is Product Design Process?

In general engineering product design is a process of creating new products through efficient idea generation and concept development to manufacture. The product design process is a set of planned activities that convert an idea into a product and make it commercially available to the end-user.
In today’s world, modern technology is a very complex social enterprise. Because of this complexity, it is impossible for an individual to manage a major engineering product design single-handedly. Often this includes not only research and development but also management, marketing, finance, manufacturing, production and maintenance. Due to this extent of multiple stakeholder involvement, it’s vital to ensure accurately planned processes and effective organisation and communication. Hence, in order to increase the probability of a successful engineering product design the planning and execution of a systematic design process are crucial.

Design process steps

Design process
Design process – Analysis – Concept – Synthesis

The design processes may vary according to the products such as whether they are tangible or intangible. They also vary according to the companies and as the different process focuses on different aspects or by combining some of the steps into a group. This will also change depending on how the engineering product innovation is driven, whether its Demand-pull innovation (Market-pull) or Invention-push (Technology-push) innovation. This article concentrates on the tangible engineering product design from now on…

Engineering product design process
Engineering design process

In his book French. M.J, group the design process into the following four main phases: Problem analysis, Conceptual design, Embodiment of schemes and detailing. According to Koberg and Bagnell, the product design method typically involves Product analysis, Concept stage and Product Synthesis.

Pahl and Beitz the design process needs to be broken down into phases and then into small steps each with its own procedures to have a successful new product design.  With this in mind, they split the process into the following four phases

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